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#geekart While you all are waiting for the final reveal of the Sims project, here comes some new Geek-Art awesomeness, with those fake (sigh) Cornetto Trilogy toys by Kibooki ! More here http://www.geek-art.net/kibooki-the-cornetto-trilogy-toys/

Anonymous asked: There is a healthier way to eat meat. I don't eat process foods. I eat meat from healthy animals in healthy environments. I also don't believe in animal cruelty. It kills me that these animals go through that. But I do believe its part of the cycle


I couldn’t care less if there was a “healthy” way to eat meat, or to humanely eat meat, at the end of the day animals are being treated like property, commodities, to be sold and bought, as if we have some divine right over their souls. No amount of kindness through an animals life can make up for the betrayal of slaughtering and consuming them. 

We as a race, have grown and evolved, socially and physically, to a point where murder is not a prerequisite for survival. So why would you want to perpetuate a system that drags down the moral standing of our society to that of wild animals? 

And that is without even touching the sustainability and ecological issues, and even if you live a long healthy life eating meat, your children’s children won’t, because the demand for food will vastly outweigh our carrying capacity as a direct result of animal farming (the least efficient food production we have). So no, there is no way of living “healthy” eating meat, for the mind or body. 


Linlin &Pierre-Yves Jacques: Goldfishes

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